​​Amitofo Charity Center

​​ACC takes a concept of a human being as a root to form "Children Villages" which focus on family values. 


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The first Buddhist orphanage in Africa, Amitofo Charity Center (ACC), is an international humanitarian non-profit organization. Mission and unique characteristics of ACC are based on local African culture, Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy to foster thousands of vulnerable orphans in need. 



those in need

hopefor Good

-Spreading Kindness and    

  Compassion in Africa.

-Extending the Wisdom of

  Buddhist Teachings.

-Practicing Buddhism.

-Promotes Compassion and  

  Salvation in Africa.

-Educating orphans. 

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On an individual basis one​ can sponsor a child for US$ 20 per month. However, any amount is appreciated to show your love and support. 

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