ACC Present and Future 
Where there are African orphans, 
ACC will be there.
In 2004, ACC started adopting orphans in Blantyre of Malawi and ACC extended this program to Lesotho in 2010. Swaziland in 2011 and Namibia in November 2015. There are over 9000 orphans who now benefit from ACC resources. Every ACC is composed of administration, staff and guesthouses, dormitories, Yung Tong secondary schools and primary schools, preschools, libraries, activity centers, meditation and prayer hall, medical clinics and vocational training centers.
In addition to further develop in the four countries in which ACC is actively working. New facilities in new areas, Mozambique ACC is expecting to open in early of 2018, Lilongwe of Malawi construction project re-started in November 2016. 

ACC is a platform by which you can help provide essential aid to Afrcia. Great love, without boundaries, increases the value of life. You and I can achieve a humanistic society. ​​

​​Amitofo Charity Center